Trying on Items From OnePiece


Items Featured:

  1. Sprinter Cardigan
  2. Track Jog Pant 


Sprinter Cardigan | Review

Overall I love the fit and feel of this jacket. It’s extremely flattering and comfortable. This is one of those pieces that you literally can just throw over a t-shirt and pair of jeans to complete your look.  If you like the style of this jacket but want to branch out in terms of color it does come in a burgundy and cobalt blue option.


Track Jog Pant | Review

This pair of sweat pants feature a dropped crotch and are tighter around the calves and looser around the thigh area. There is no drawstring so choose your size accordingly and keep in mind that most sweats tend to stretch out a little bit when you wear them. There are two other color options in this style; a grey and a purple however they feature a contrasting stripe down each leg and are not just one color.




Dansk Stil | Just Junkies

Just Junkies | Haul Items

  1. Jean Jacket – “Berry” in “Sunshine Blue”
  2.  Tee – “Mojo” in Light Grey
  3. Denim – “Max/11165” in “OF-461/461”
  4. Denim – “Sicko/11199” in “Robo Black/468”
  5. Denim – “Sicko/JJ122” in “Trama Blue/813”


My absolute favorite items that I got were the jean jacket and the “Max Spray On” skinny jeans. The denim jacket is an iconic classic piece that was modernized with the stretch denim and zipper closures. It is incredibly comfortable on and immaculately tailored.

The “Max Spray On” skinny jeans are literally everything that I could want in a skinny jean. They are constructed out of stretch denim (98% cotton and 2% elastane). They sit low on the hips and are comfortable to boot. Much like the jacket the tailoring is on point which makes these skinny jeans a must have for any skinny jean enthusiast.

Alexander McQueen Monk Strap Boots | Unboxing + Try On

Designer: Alexander McQueen

Style: Monk Strap Boots

Color: Brown

Country of Origin: Italy

Robert_Dmitri_Alexander_McQueen_Monk_Strap_Boots 1

Today we are unboxing the Buckle Monk Strap Boots from Alexander McQueen. I love how these boots are basically “Chelsea boots” just with the unique monk strap detailing. The monk straps are sewn down.. aka they purely exist for the aesthetics of the boot. There is a convenient side zipper which is always a nice/helpful feature in any boot. Overall a solid classic option with visually interesting modern details.

Robert_Dmitri_Alexander_McQueen_Monk_Strap_Boots 2.jpgRobert_Dmitri_Alexander_McQueen_Monk_Strap_Boots 3.jpg

Music Monday: Top 5 Beauty & The Beast Covers

I know a lot of people were super stoked for the new Beauty and the Beast remake that just came out this past week. In celebration of the new film I’ve scoured various youtube covers to find the absolute best (in my humble opinion) top 5 covers of the iconic Beauty & the Beast song. Enjoy!

Landry Cantrell & Brianne Brieno


Leroy Sanchez

Julie St-Pierre